All the tools fiduciaries need to implement CRS & FATCA. Simply.

CRS & FATCA are confusing and complicated to implement. Fiduciaries need to know what to do, how to do it, and what the deadlines are. This is precisely what a subscription delivers. Scroll down for more details.


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Everything FATCA Responsible Officers need to know about the mandatory RO Certifications to the IRS

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    Fiduciaries need an easy-to-use system for implementing CRS & FATCA.

    • Challenge

      • Compliance with CRS & FATCA is complicated and confusing
      • Expert advice is expensive and often not practical
    • Solution

      • assembles in one place all the tools fiduciaries need to implement CRS & FATCA. Simply.

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    What are people saying about Peter Cotorceanu?

    • I have found Peter to be one of the most knowledgeable FATCA and CRS expert in the fiduciary industry. His experience in terms of understanding today's ever-changing international legislation and experience with the behaviour of all stakeholders (Asset Managers, Custodian Banks, Trustees, Fiduciary Companies) has proven vital for my clients. Geralda Buckley swisspartners Marcuard Heritage

    • Without Peter we would not have survived! He took us by the hand and guided us in a very practical manner. Step by step until the fog started to lift – Thank you! When doing direct work for our clients, he was very well received. We have been able to play as a team. Walter Huber Huber Partners AG

    • Peter knows FATCA and CRS like no other. He is a trusted advisor and passionate educator, who is able to make FATCA and CRS compliance simple. Joanna Redding Earl Fiduciary AG

    • Ever since the "elephant" series of articles, Peter has set himself apart, making GATCA fun and accessible! Use his website to get a slice of the elephant! David Bester Trident Trust

    In short, a subscription provides:

    All the tools fiduciaries need to implement CRS & FATCA. Simply.

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