All the tools fiduciaries need to implement CRS & FATCA. Simply.

CRS & FATCA are confusing and complicated to implement. Fiduciaries need to know what to do, how to do it, and what the deadlines are. This is precisely what a subscription delivers. Scroll down for more details.


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Fiduciaries need an easy-to-use system for implementing CRS & FATCA.

  • Challenge

    • Compliance with CRS & FATCA is complicated and confusing
    • Expert advice is expensive and often not practical
  • Solution

    • assembles in one place all the tools fiduciaries need to implement CRS & FATCA. Simply.

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Online training on every aspect of FATCA and CRS, from big-picture overview to detailed instructions on all relevant topics. This training is suitable for both front-line staff and Responsible Officers.

  • Implementation flowcharts and instructions for:
    • Jurisdiction selection
    • Entity classification (e.g., FFI v. NFFE, Passive NFFE, v. Active NFFE, etc.)
    • Determining who are “Account Holders” of FFIs and Controlling Persons or Substantial U.S. Owners of Passive NFFEs
    • Due diligence (Entity and Individual Accounts, Pre-Existing and New Accounts)
    • Reporting

    Example flowchart:
    CRS Pre-existing High Value Individual Workflow

Here subscribers will be able to share their practical experiences with FATCA and CRS implementation in a question and answer format. The Forum will include a search function.

  • Offshore jurisdictions’ FATCA and CRS websites, Guidance Notes, and implementing regulations
  • OECD materials
  • Treasury and IRS resources including all IGAs, the U.S. FATCA regulations, FAQ, etc.

Links to CRS and FATCA related websites

A Document Centre that contains:

  • Comparison charts on important subjects, including:
    • How specific topics are addressed by relevant offshore jurisdictions, e.g., whether settlors of irrevocable discretionary trusts who are not beneficiaries are reportable and, if so, at what value, whether corporate directors and nominees are FFIs, whether nil reports are required, etc.
    • The differences between, and pluses and minuses of, the various FATCA compliance paths, e.g., Sponsored Investment Entity, Sponsored Closely Held Investment Vehicle, Trustee-Documented Trust, Owner-Documented FFI, etc.
    • The differences between FATCA and CRS
  • Combined Self-Certification forms that work for both FATCA and CRS
  • Sampled filled-in W-8BEN-E and W-8IMY forms for all relevant types of entity and classification
  • Sponsoring Agreements
  • A FATCA and CRS Policies and Procedures Manual
  • Checklists for Responsible Officers duties
  • Client communication letter

W 8BEN E Form Tax Withholding

One of the most important features of is that it is updated regularly for new developments.
It was built and is kept current by one of the world’s leading experts on implementing FATCA and CRS for fiduciaries, Peter Cotorceanu LLB(Hons.), J.D., LL.M (Tax), TEP. is fiduciaries’ one-stop shop for FATCA and CRS implementation.

What are people saying about Peter Cotorceanu?

  • I have found Peter to be one of the most knowledgeable FATCA and CRS expert in the fiduciary industry. His experience in terms of understanding today’s ever-changing international legislation and experience with the behaviour of all stakeholders (Asset Managers, Custodian Banks, Trustees, Fiduciary Companies) has proven vital for my clients.

    Geralda Buckley
    Amicorp Group

  • Without Peter we would not have survived! He took us by the hand and guided us in a very practical manner. Step by step until the fog started to lift – Thank you! When doing direct work for our clients, he was very well received. We have been able to play as a team.

    Walter Huber
    Huber Partners AG

  • Peter knows FATCA and CRS like no other. He is a trusted advisor and passionate educator, who is able to make FATCA and CRS compliance simple.

    Joanna Redding
    Earl Fiduciary AG

  • Ever since the “elephant” series of articles, Peter has set himself apart, making GATCA fun and accessible! Use his website to get a slice of the elephant!

    David Bester
    Trident Trust

In short, a subscription provides:

All the tools fiduciaries need to implement CRS & FATCA. Simply.

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