The below clips are from conferences Peter has been part of.


Webinar: FATCA and CRS Trust Reporting

World Compliance Association | 23 June 2021

Hypocrisy USA: The Country’s Role as a Money Laundering Center & Offshore Tax Haven

Offshore Alert Conference | 2 May 2016

Recorded on Mon. 2 May. Each of the panel members gave a brief introduction. Mine begins around the 38:30 mark (I am first introduced) and ends around the 55:45 mark.

‘The Panama Papers’: An Analysis

Offshore Alert Conference | 3 May 2016

Here’s the You Tube video of the Panama Papers session from the Offshore Alert Conference recorded on Tues 3 May. My questions to the head of the ICIJ appear at timer 54:00. My later comments are in reply to comments made by Ed Davis–his comments start at 1:01:30 with my response kicking in at 1:04:25.