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  • FATCA RO Bootcamp Video and Presentation Slides

    HIGHLY RELEVANT TO ROs FROM ANY MODEL 2 IGA OR NON-IGA JURISDICITON… A video of the complete, 6.5-hour FATCA RO Bootcamp we conducted in Hamilton, Bermuda on 12 April 2018. As with all our full-day FATCA RO Bootcamps, we covered the technical and operational aspects of the FATCA RO Certification process in a comprehensive and accessible manner. As with the Bootcamp, the video splits into a morning session –  focused on the technical requirements – and an afternoon session – focused on the operational ones. The video comes with a set of the slides used during the presentation as well.

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  • FREE Introduction to the RO Periodic Certification

    A 10-minute video clip from our FATCA RO Bootcamps in which we introduce you to the scope and contents of the FATCA RO Periodic Certification along with the slides used featuring certification checklist