Question Submission

In order to submit a specific question to our DAC6/MDRs, CRS or FATCA experts, please click on the product name in the column to the left, which will guide you to a form for submission of your specific question. We will review the question and reply with a price quote for answering it. If you elect to move forward at that price, you will be sent to the payment page, make the payment and receive the answer in your email inbox within 48 hours.


The Question Submission function allows the FATCA RO Certification General Store shoppers to submit question to our experts on any topic related to FATCA or OECD CRS in any jurisdiction. Questions may range from general inquiries (e.g. I am the RO of X type of FFI in Y jurisdiction, which FATCA RO Certifications, if any, do I need to submit in 2018?) to specific scenarios (e.g. Is the Cayman-resident protector of a trust administered in Hong Kong an account holder for CRS purposes?)

The process is simple:

  • Click on the button below to access the Question Submission Form
  • Complete the required fields on the Question Submission Form
  • Click on the “Submit My Question” button
  • By the end of the following working day, receive a cost quote and payment code via email
  • Confirm acceptance of the quoted cost and enter the payment code at check out on the General Store website
  • Within 2 working days (or within 24 hours if you check the “Expedited Reply” box on the form), receive a complete answer with technical and operational aspects to your question via email

Every effort will be made to provide accurate and comprehensive information. However, the answer does not constitute legal advice and may not be relied on as such.