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  • 1 Year Blog Subscription – Full Access to Peter Cotorceanu’s G&TCA blogs

    Peter’s blogs are the most practical, detailed, and respected blogs on CRS and FATCA for the fiduciary industry worldwide. They are not your typical blogs. They provide in-depth analysis of key issues affecting trust companies, trusts and other private-client structures. You will have one year’s access to all of Peter’s blogs, both past and future. If you’ve read any of Peter’s past blogs, you know that they are well worth the money.

  • CRS Reporting Information Repository

    The CRS Reporting Information Repository is an excel-based tool developed to aid fiduciaries in compiling and streamlining their collection of CRS (and FATCA) information. The Repository ensures that all the information necessary for CRS Reporting for multiple entity types across multiple jurisdictions is assembled in a user-friendly format. While designed to service the CRS reporting needs of fiduciaries of most private wealth planning structures, the tool remains adaptable to the interests or idiosyncrasies of your own unique operations.

  • DAC6 Package for Fiduciaries

    The package includes The General Store DAC6 Guide for Fiduciaries, along with The General Store DAC6 Template Notification Letters for its appendices.

    USD 2,000.00
  • FATCA RO Bootcamp Video and Presentation Slides

    HIGHLY RELEVANT TO ROs FROM ANY MODEL 2 IGA OR NON-IGA JURISDICITON… A video of the complete, 6.5-hour FATCA RO Bootcamp we conducted in Hamilton, Bermuda on 12 April 2018. As with all our full-day FATCA RO Bootcamps, we covered the technical and operational aspects of the FATCA RO Certification process in a comprehensive and accessible manner. As with the Bootcamp, the video splits into a morning session –  focused on the technical requirements – and an afternoon session – focused on the operational ones. The video comes with a set of the slides used during the presentation as well.

    USD 600.00USD 990.00
  • FATCA RO Premium Package

    The FATCA RO Premium Package offers ROs a bundle of the following products, priced at a discount,

    • Mandatory Written Sponsorship Agreement (external)
    • Mandatory Written Sponsorship Agreement (intragroup)
    • FATCA RO Bootcamp Video (morning and afternoon sessions) and Presentation Slides
    • RO Certification Submission Guidance Set
    • PLUS a year’s subscription to G&TCA (a USD 7700 value)
    USD 3,990.00