CRS Reporting Information Repository

USD 625.00

The CRS Reporting Information Repository is an excel-based tool developed to aid fiduciaries in compiling and streamlining their collection of CRS (and FATCA) information. The Repository ensures that all the information necessary for CRS Reporting for multiple entity types across multiple jurisdictions is assembled in a user-friendly format. While designed to service the CRS reporting needs of fiduciaries of most private wealth planning structures, the tool remains adaptable to the interests or idiosyncrasies of your own unique operations.



As designed, the CRS Reporting Information Repository features the following attributes in support of annual CRS reporting:

  • Comprehensiveness: Covers all the information a fiduciary foreseeably needs to conduct CRS reporting for a variety of private wealth management mandates across multiple jurisdictions
  • Accessibility: Expedites the insertion of information through drop-down menus and elaborative comments that help guide the user in the compilation of the correct information for CRS reporting
  • Efficiency: Conserves resources by providing single repository for all account reporting information for current and future reporting needs
  • Convertibility: Translates to XML reporting file format (with IT support)
  • Consistency: Replicates static account information for each subsequent year
  • Audit-friendliness: Conveys information on reportable and non-reportable account holders in a manner easy for auditors to digest