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  • DAC6 Template Notification Letters

    This set of three DAC6 Template Notification Letters–

    1. Legal Professional Privilege (LPP) to Other Intermediaries Notification Template
    2. Legal Professional Privilege (LPP) to Relevant Taxpayers Notification Template
    3. Non-EU Intermediary Notification Template

    covers typical situations in which a fiduciary cannot submit a DAC6 report. In these situations, the fiduciary‘s disclosure is either barred by Legal Professional Privilege or the fiduciary is not located in an EU jurisdiction and thus not eligible to file a report. As such, the fiduciary is obliged under law (or elects as a client service) to inform other parties to the transaction about the potential DAC6 consequences for them.

  • FATCA RO Bootcamp Video and Presentation Slides

    HIGHLY RELEVANT TO ROs FROM ANY MODEL 2 IGA OR NON-IGA JURISDICITON… A video of the complete, 6.5-hour FATCA RO Bootcamp we conducted in Hamilton, Bermuda on 12 April 2018. As with all our full-day FATCA RO Bootcamps, we covered the technical and operational aspects of the FATCA RO Certification process in a comprehensive and accessible manner. As with the Bootcamp, the video splits into a morning session –  focused on the technical requirements – and an afternoon session – focused on the operational ones. The video comes with a set of the slides used during the presentation as well.

    USD 600.00USD 990.00
  • FATCA RO Premium Package

    The FATCA RO Premium Package offers ROs a bundle of the following products, priced at a discount,

    • Mandatory Written Sponsorship Agreement (external)
    • Mandatory Written Sponsorship Agreement (intragroup)
    • FATCA RO Bootcamp Video (morning and afternoon sessions) and Presentation Slides
    • RO Certification Submission Guidance Set
    • PLUS a year’s subscription to G&TCA (a USD 7700 value)
    USD 3,990.00
  • FREE Introduction to the RO Periodic Certification

    A 10-minute video clip from our FATCA RO Bootcamps in which we introduce you to the scope and contents of the FATCA RO Periodic Certification along with the slides used featuring certification checklist

  • Mandatory Written Sponsorship Agreement (external)

    A written sponsorship agreement is a requirement for any sponsor RO submitting a Sponsor’s Periodic RO Certification. Our product is a standardized contract, in both Word and PDF versions, including the components necessary for a FATCA sponsoring relationship between third parties. It is adaptable to the relevant jurisdiction.

    USD 1,250.00
  • Mandatory Written Sponsorship Agreement (intragroup)

    A written sponsorship agreement is a requirement for any sponsor RO submitting a Sponsor’s Periodic RO Certification. Our product is similar to standardized contract, including the components necessary for a FATCA sponsoring relationship, but pared down to core, operational elements for use in intragroup sponsoring relationships.

  • Question Submission

    In order to submit a specific question to our DAC6/MDRs, CRS or FATCA experts, please click on the product name in the column to the left, which will guide you to a form for submission of your specific question. We will review the question and reply with a price quote for answering it. If you elect to move forward at that price, you will be sent to the payment page, make the payment and receive the answer in your email inbox within 48 hours.

  • The COPA and Periodic Certification Submissions – The Operational Steps

    A set of slides, guiding the user through the RO Certification submission process. The set will feature annotated screenshots from the IRS Portal in order to anticipate and clarify any foreseeable questions or uncertainties.

  • A FATCA Compliance Program for Fiduciaries (BVI Edition)

    This document sets out a FATCA Compliance Program for fiduciaries connected to BVI private wealth management structures and is designed to satisfy the requirement mandating the adoption of “arrangements” sufficient to identify FATCA reportable accounts. Non-compliance with this requirement is a criminal offence and is punishable by a fine of up to USD 5,000 and/or up to two (2) years in prison. While this document is BVI-specific, it can also be adapted to meet the requirements for Compliance Manuals for other jurisdictions.

    USD 1,950.00